GamerNook Birthday Party Manifesto
  • Email with any questions
  • Birthday Parties are a very special event & our goal is to make sure your birthday is an extremely unique, memorable & fun experience. Some of the options you have so that we came make sure that happens when you book a party with us are listed below
    • We can set up a livestream event on facebook or twitch if you want to show your family & friends who couldn't make it to the glorious event what a great time they missed.
    • We can run a tournament on our professional esports gaming stage that simulates the enivronment you would play in if you were in an pro event for you and your friends.
    • You can make the teams up or we can sort you out at random when you get here, Its up to you!
    • We strongly recommend the tournament (its doesn't cost anything extra) and gives the party attendees the excitement of being in a professional esports event with their friends
    • We also understand that competitive gaming isn't for everyone so you also have the option of free play of any of our games on our Maingear Custom Gaming PC's & 144hz 1ms delay RGB monitors or Gaming Consoles (Xbox one, PS4, Switch)